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Aluminum Extrusion

Best Custom Aluminium Extrusion Suppliers

The use of aluminum extrusion has increased drastically as it delivers high-performance functional service in wild structure use. Aluminum extrusions offer designer and manufacturer the choice of features such as light, strong, rust-proof, and attractive surface with a relatively low cost when compared with other metal or alloys. The complementary properties of structural strength and easy ductility make it a popular choice for many applications. Custom aluminium extrusion is also a trend in recent years as it meets customers' specific needs directly.

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Pyramids as professional aluminium extrusion suppliers, specialize in aluminum extrusion design, manufacturing, fabrication, powder coating or anodizing, and also performs a secondary operation like cutting, punching, welding, and further CNC machining. In addition, We are able to provide custom aluminium extrusion services according to customers' needs.
Contact Pyramids Technology aluminium extrusion manufacturers for assistance in optimizing your Aluminum Extrusion application.

Casting is a wild applied manufacturing process of pouring liquid metal material into a mold, which contains a hollow cavity of the desired shape or feature, allowing the metal material to solidify.

Die casting provides a rapid capacity for producing accurate and high-quality metal parts massively. At the same time, die casting allows customers to save great costs on secondary machining; thus, it becomes a recommended way to process metal materials.

Not as only aluminium extrusion suppliers, Pyramids provides various die casting services to comprehensively cover almost all parts manufacturing needs and our precision on dimension is strict to satisfy clients' high standard.

Die Casting

Excellent dimension accuracy and smooth cast surface with rapid production rate, aluminum alloy die casting can cast thinner walls which down to 3mm compared to sand and permanent casting. In addition, the aluminum alloy die casting will also help reduce or eliminate secondary machining operations.

Pyramids Technology Aluminum Alloy Die Casting processing capabilities include:

  • Economical high speed for large scale production by completely automation
  • Thinner walls could be easily achieved and to obtain complex castings.
  • Superior surface finish can be obtained compared to other casting processes without any further secondary process involved.
  • Multiple part shapes with consistent and tight tolerance repeatability from part to part
  • Precise slides structure and inside mechanism help achieve not only challenging undercut but also complex features.
  • Closer dimensional tolerances & better mechanical properties can be obtained compared to sand casting
Sand Casting
Sand casting is widely used in metal casting manufacturing and capable with no size limitation. Some examples of items manufactured in modern industry by sand casting processes are engine blocks, machine tool base, cylinder, pump casing, cruise propeller, etc.
Pyramids Technology Sand Casting processing capabilities include:
  • Capable of large components production with a simple process.
  • Higher production yield rate with low capital investment.
  • The complex shape is achievable with small batch production.
  • Various materials selection.
  • Short lead time possibility.
Investment Casting
Investment casting or lost wax casting provides design flexibility for a wide range of thin-wall, finely detailed parts with extreme precision control. It allows the quality parts in ultra-slim, light, and strong alloy parts with extremely accurate dimension details, high production yield rate, and diversified metals and alloys application.
Pyramids Technology Investment Casting processing capabilities include:
  • Complex geometry shapes and fine details are possible when which are difficult by other methods.
  • Ensured high levels of mechanical features for high precision parts accuracy with close tolerances and excellent surface finish.
  • Utilizing a wide choice of alloys for aluminum investment castings to suit almost any application.
  • Reduce extra operations cost of machining, welding, finishing, and assembly.
Even now, as a leading die casting manufacturer, we have still sharpened our metal machining technology as well as other services like medical device coating and cleanroom assembly in order to meet the higher standard and solve our clients' questions. Feel free to contact Pyramids Technology for assistance in optimizing your die casting need.

Stamping encompasses a variety of manufacturing processes and is utilized widely for the desired shape of products and commonly associated with blanking, piercing, forming, and drawing. Pyramids Technology is a quality recognized service provider of metal stamping by abroad range of industries clients giving us the capabilities to meet all of your potential needs.

Pyramids Technology Stamping processing capabilities include:
  • Engineering service to help your design for better and efficient manufacturability.
  • Complex products and innovative designs can be created with complex geometry.
  • Highly automated and incorporate secondary operations like surface finishing and functional reinforcement.
  • Low cycle time enables cost-effective production for large quantities of complex products
  • Precision stampings in all shapes, sizes, and materials.
Nowadays, Pyramids has grown to a mature company having a complete series of metal/plastic machining services; we can not only be your plastic injection molding manufacturers but also custom aluminium extrusion manufacturers, aiming to offer more convenient and better cooperating experiences. Contact Pyramids Technology for assistance in optimizing your Stamping need and more!
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