Product Name : ENGINEERING
Product Introduction

Design for Manufacturability (DFM) is a well-efficient tool to help product designers to minimize developing costs, drawing error, and time from market design concept phase to mass production stage. Pyramids Technology specializes in various of plastics injection and offering free DFM service with comprehensive report that covers the details of mold concept, mold flow, expectations for the build, and final DFM recommendations on your injection molding projects. This allows our customers to take advantage of keeping designs development as simple as possible while keeping costs to minimum.

Pyramids Technology DFM service provides the understanding of product concepts and respectively essential elements studies for your plastics injection parts.
  • Mold Concept illustration
  • Drawing Analyzing
  • Gating optimization.
  • Part Feature Evaluation.
  • Undercuts recognizing and elimination.
  • Mold Flow Analysis
  • Out Come Prediction
Pyramids Technology engineering service not only just helps to improve your product quality and consistency, but also rapid the time for market launching and cost savings. We also provide various metal and plastic machining services. Partnering with Pyramids Technology aluminium extrusion suppliers to optimize your future project.
Scientific Molding

Pyramids Technology applies cutting edge systematic scientific molding principles to control and optimize the key factors during the actual injection process, such as flow rate, mold temperature, melt temperature, filling pressure, packing pressure, etc. In order to analyze and interpret a process window for consistency, reliability, and repeatability.

The added values that we benefit to clients from scientific molding:
  • Consistency, precision, and qualification
  • Yield rate and circle time optimization.
  • Higher efficiency and less defection molding process window.
  • Cost saving for development, materials consumption, and production.
  • Prevent or minimize potential quality issues.

Taking the advantages of scientific molding, the problems are detected and fixed in the process. We collect the data and represent the chart analysis for key factors include:
  • Fill time and peak pressure in velocity control.
  • Viscosity and pressurization
  • Constantly pressure hold and the time of which.
  • Injection and cavity pressure record analysis.
  • Pressure lose study
  • Cavity balance
  • Gate sealed.
Pyramids engineering service helps our clients with competitive advantages of quality part design by implementing scientific injection molding to save time and cost. In addition, we also provide other related services like injection molding services and medical assemblies. Welcome to contact us for further information!
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