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From extrusion, casting, and stamping to the final surfacing, Pyramids provides not only the fabrication work but also the development and design for all kinds of customer requirements from all over the world.

Within 20 plus years in the industry allowing Pyramids team to developed a reputation for high-quality production, top-of-the-line inspections and equipment, and experience with a wide range of complex projects, our company is proud to offer custom fabrication work with a complete range of services, including:

  • As aluminum has exceptional elasticity, it is seen as one of the best substances for extrusion. It can enhance the strength of the aluminum alloy and the target area can be reinforced with ease.
    Aluminum Extrusion
  • When needing mass-producing non-ferrous uniform metal products, die casting would be an ideal choice, which can also decrease your costs.
    Die Casting
  • Sand casting is fit for metal components with complex geometric properties. For this purpose, Pyramids Technology can provide various choices for size, structure, and materials.
    Sand Casting
  • Investment casting can make products with excellent surface finish and accurate details, which can help customers reduce additional operations costs.
    Investment Casting
  • Metal stamping is widely applied in different industries owing to its efficiency and accuracy. Numerous materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, copper, etc. are all applicable for stamping.
    Metal Stamping
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