Product Name : Investment Casting
Product Introduction

Investment Casting Service

Investment casting, also known as lost-wax casting, is a metal forming technique that can produce products with high-quality surfaces and accurate details. This casting method produces products that can reduce extra operations costs for machining, welding, finishing, and assembly for our customers because investment casting is more accurate than other types of casting methods.

Investment Casting Investment Casting

Investment Casting Process

Before investment casting, a master metal die must be constructed first as the wax and ceramic mold will be destroyed during the production. This master die will be responsible for manufacturing wax patterns. Wax will be injected into the master die to create a replica of the final product. Different wax patterns will be created from the master dies and be sent for assembly into a tree-like structure. Once the final product’s wax figure is created, it will be dipped into a ceramic slurry to form an outer shell. This process will be repeated multiple times to ensure the strength of the shell, and stucco will be applied. After drying the ceramic-covered wax figure, it will be placed into an oven and the wax will be melted away and collected for further use. During the heating process, the ceramic shell will increase in strength, and the water and remaining wax will be evaporated. While the ceramic is still hot, molten metal of choice will be poured into it in order to achieve a synchronized cooling and shrinking time. When the metal has solidified, the ceramic cast will be removed by water jets or other means, the parts will be taken down from the tree for detailed finishes like grinding or sandblasting, and then you can get investment casting parts.

Your Ideal Investment Casting Manufacturer

Investment casting comes with multiple advantages that other casting methods aren’t able to achieve. Pyramids Technology ensures top levels of mechanical features for high precision parts accuracy with close tolerances and excellent surface finish.

Our Investment Casting Processing Capabilities

  • Complex geometry shapes and fine details are possible when they are difficult by other methods.
  • Ensured high levels of mechanical features for high precision parts accuracy with close tolerances and excellent surface finish.
  • Utilizing a wide choice of alloys for aluminum investment castings to suit almost any application.
  • Reduce extra operations cost of machining, welding, finishing, and assembly.

Welcome to choose us as your reliable investment casting supplier!

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